From a young age, Max Kalkman displayed a fascination with cameras and imaging. Even before he ran a roll of film through a camera, he would carry one around just to see how a lens affects the way one can view the world. This turned out to be the first signs of an ever growing love affair with photographic imaging.

This in conjunction with being a native of the Dry Creek Valley, and art being a predominant a part of the culture in Sonoma County, photography turned out to be a constant in his life.

After exploring landscape, macro, wildlife, and many other genres of photography Max attended the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography, one of the top photography schools in America. At first he studied commercial photography, before realizing that being in the studio was often constrictive to his style. He then began studying photojournalism, and found portraits on location to be the right balance for him between the regimented world of the studio and the chaotic world of journalism.

This still holds true today, as he prefers working with natural available light for his main light source, while using modifiers and strobes to compliment the beauty of the natural light. Coupling that with a genuine fascination and lust to capture the story behind each face in a single photograph, portraiture became his most passionate and most practiced genre of photography.

Even if he isn’t working, and is hiking, cycling, relaxing with friends, or volunteering his camera can always be found by his side. For Max, photography is his way of life.